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Recently I've had the opportunity to work with a few personal trainers on growing their business. There have been a few tasteless challenges that seem to come up for each trainer. They are;

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- looking new clients - Motivating clients face of the gym - Sporadic hours throughout the day

This week I like would like to focus on the challenge of looking new clients.

Whether you are a seasoned trainer with many clients to fill up your day, or new to the profession and wondering why people are not knocking at your door, listen up. This guidance is going to help build your business.

Let's start with those who have a handful of clients. You need to ask yourself some questions. How are you performing as a personal trainer? The first step is to know that you are offering and delivering the best inherent aid to your clients. In short, the way to do this is to ask your client questions. Let's be clear. For you to be delivering your client the best aid it's not about how much you know and tell your clients or how many courses you've taken. Seems contrary to what you've been taught, doesn't it? Allow me to let you in on a minuscule secrete. It's not about you; it's All about your customer.

Serving the buyer This not a new plan as people now comprehend the only unlikeness between them and the guy down the street is buyer service. But do you indeed know what that means? Let me ask you this, what is the ratio between ears and mouths on the human body? 2:1 correct? See what I'm getting at. We need to listen to our clients and fully understand why they are here to see us. When the middle aged lady is here to see you to lose weight, get wholesome and 'feel good', what does that indeed mean? You need to be digging a bit deeper here. Summer is upon us and people want to feel comfortable taking off their shirts and walking down the beach. That's what it means to 'feel good'. We have to paint that photograph for our clients for this, and only this, is truly going to motivate them. The very first step in buyer aid is to know why your buyer is here to see you. Keep on asking yourself "why" until you've hit the core reason. This will also help with motivating your client face of the gym. Once you have found their 'why', use it at all times.

How this relates to free advertising? As you gain happy customers and they feel that you truly care for their success, your company is going to grow. There's a catch though. This is not going to happen on its own. The way to grow your company and not have to spend a dollar on advertising in the newspaper is to ask for referrals! You can see why it's prominent for us to first have a happy customer. Now you can ask, "You know Sandra, I looking to grow my buyer base, do you have any friends who would be curious in my service?" And here's a minuscule tip after asking for the referral - keep your mouth shut! I've seen it too many times where trainers then interrupt the client by filling in the 'awkward' silence and then animated away from the topic. Ask and you shall receive. When people are happy with your service, they will actively seek out new clients for you.

This means we have some work to do. Either you are a new trainer or a seasoned pro, call up your past clients, friends, and relatives and let them know that you are actively building your buyer base and would like to ask if they know anything who might be curious in; losing weight for the beach this summer, or any other of your core focus you have. This is where you have to be specific! Paint a photograph of that someone you would like to work with. The key here is to ask for the referral and not seek out company from them. Chances are they know what you do and don't want to be pitched to. This also alleviates any pressure on you.

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